New Kawasaki Stern Bulb System Provided Impressive Fuel Savings On Trial Run

The first ship equipped with a newly developed propulsive power saving system — the Kawasaki Stern End Bulb (Kawasaki-SEB) —was placed in service recently, showing excellent results. The installation was made on the 3,700- gt, 11,600-bhp Sutoretai Maru,


Urethane's Products Are Thick-Skinned

Proven in its field of monopile donut fenders, Urethane Products, based in Bellflower, Calif., provides Marine Guard Fenders Skin, which is a thick, tough protective polyurethane elastomeric skin material. Engineered by Urethane, this "skin" works

Conversion Of RO/RO 'Ponce' Completed By Sun Ship

The S/S Ponce (shown above) left Sun Ship Inc. recently after undergoing a 22- month, $30-million conversion at the Chester, Pa., shipyard. In the unusual project, which began in July 1979, a new hull section was spliced into the center portion of the rollon /roll-off (RO/RO) trailership,

Sun Ship Lays Keel For The First Of Three Specialized Vessels For Waterman Steamship

The S/S John B. Waterman is the first of three combination rollon /roll-off (ro/ro) container vessels being constructed by Sun Ship, Inc., Chester, Pa., for Waterman Steamship Corp. of New York. Delivery of the Waterman is scheduled for April 1981.

Totem To Acquire Controlling Interest In Interocean Steamship Corp.

W. J. Amoss Jr., president of Lykes Bros. Steamship Co., Inc. and Stanley H. Barer, chairman of Totem Resources Corporation of Seattle, Wash., jointly announced that an agreement in principle had been reached for the acquisition by Totem Resources

Hansen And Tidemann, Inc. Names Mitchell To Head First West Coast Office

Hansen and Tidemann, Inc., has announced the opening of its first West Coast office in San Francisco to provide a broader range of service to its customers in the West. George Mitchell, with some 20 years in the transportation industry, has been named regional manager for the West Coast.

FBMA Babcock Secures TriCat Order

FBMA Babcock Marine has agreed with ferry operator Dae A Express Shipping Co. of Pohang, South Korea, for the construction of a 171 ft. (52 m) Tri- Cat fast passenger ferry. The award is subsequent to the successful acquisition by Babcock Engineering,

Sulzer Diesels Will Power Townsend Cross-Channel Passenger/Vehicle Ferries

—Literature Available Townsend Car Ferries Ltd. of the U.K. has selected Sulzer ZA40S medium- speed diesel engines, which will be built by CCM Sulzer of Mantes, France, for its large cross- Channel, passenger/vehicle ferries. Ordered from Schichau Unterweser AG in West Germany,

Eastern Marine Awarded Contract To Construct Auto/Passenger Ferry

Eastern Marine, Inc. of Panama City, Fla., recently signed a contract with Lake Champlain Transportation of Burlington, Vermont, for the construction of an automobile/ passenger ferry. The vessel will have a length overall of 180 feet, beam of 43 feet 6 inches, and depth of 12 feet.

$4.5 Million In Cost Increases Approved By MarAd For Two Ro/Ro's

The Maritime Administration recently approved increases in the actual cost of two roll-on / roll-off containerships being built for Waterman Steamship Corp. by Penn Shipbuilding Co., Cheslocations ter. Pa. An increase of $2,027,000 was approved for hull 346, and $2,531,646 for hull 347.

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