Tacoma Boat Division Gets $210,000 Contract To Build Propeller Hub Assembly

Tacoma Boatbuilding Company's Northern Line Division has been awarded a $210,000 contract by the Naval Sea Systems Command for the manufacture and testing of a 9- foot-diameter propeller hub assembly, according to a recent announcement by B. James Lowe, president and chief executive officer.

"Successful test results would represent a major step in Tacoma Boat's position in competition for a number of Navy programs," said Mr. Lowe. Among these is the contract for the manufacture of all controllable- pitch propellers for the Navy's DDG-51 Arleigh Burke Class guided missile destroyers.

The hub assembly will be of the Escher Wyss trunnion type design. Northern Line is the sole U.S. licensee for West Germany's Escher Wyss propulsion systems. A world leader in propeller systems for more than 50 years, Escher Wyss has in operation the world's highest-powered ship propeller, 46,000 shp, and has developed the world's largest, 36 feet in diameter.

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